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Cyberpunk 2077 – DON’T MESS UP Attributes, Skills, & Perks | Ultimate Guide (No Spoilers)

When it comes to planning out and creating your character, for a lot of people, it’s half the fun of an rpg. Thanks to Galax for sponsoring this video.
Building your character isn’t easy to wrap your head around in Cyberpunk. You have attributes, which play many roles, skills, which govern many things, and perks, which wrap a nice big bow on your character – as well as items and cyberware choices. But most choices will be locked in from the start. So in this video I will give you the ultimate top level overview of everything you need to know, minus any spoilers, so you understand how to play exactly the way you want to.

hey guys dantix here
it costs a hundred
thousand eddies to reset your perks in
cyberpunk 2077
which is as much as a high-end sports
car in the game when it comes to
planning out and creating your character
for a lot of people
that’s half the fun of an rpg but
building a character isn’t easy to wrap
your head around in cyberpunk
you have attributes which play many
roles skills which govern many things
and perks which wrap a nice big bow
around your character as well as items
and cyberware choices
but most choices will be locked in from
the start so in this video i’ll give you
the ultimate top
level overview of everything you need to
know minus any spoilers
so you understand how to play exactly
the way you want to play
let’s begin with attributes attributes
are locked in
once committed to and play a huge part
in how your character performs
every attribute passively influences
your character be it with stats
what you can equip or with
conversational checks wherein you’ll
have an extra option available to you
during conversations based on your
attribute being over
a certain threshold attributes also
how high your skills can raise and what
perks you can purchase
let’s go through what each attribute
passively does first
starting with body passively body
increases your health and stamina
it also increases damage with fists and
gorilla arms which are your body-based
subway of choice
it also passively increases melee weapon
damage and that includes both bladed and
blunt melee weapons
even though the bladed melee skill and
perks fall
under reflex body also decreases the
movement speed penalty when grabbing an
enemy or wielding a heavy machine gun
which includes turrets that you rip off
their stand finally it increases grapple
duration of
enemies i also found the most useful
part of the body attribute was opening
doors with brute force
i lost count of how many doors i
encountered that i couldn’t open because
of a too
low body stats there are also a few
parts of the game where you need to
fight with your fists
and body certainly helps in that regard
though if you’re not on
very hard difficulty you should be fine
you can also rip people out of cars with
this attribute
body is required for particular weapons
and cyber weapon particularly heavy
weapons like shotguns machine guns and
borg pistols
also cyber weather allows you to go
berserk a high body stat
rarely comes up in dialogue options
reflex passively increases your
evasion crit chance and man displays
damage it’s also used in a few dialogue
checks during conversation
almost seemingly to represent your
perceptive abilities
a few weapons in cyber will require high
reflex attribute as well
some blade weapons rifles pistols and
sideways that slows time
technical ability is next and it
passively increases your armor
it’s mostly used though to unlock doors
fixed things in hot wire cars
strangely enough i found body was used
more often for opening doors but
technically still very useful to have
because when it’s checked
there’s usually a decent reward it also
comes up as a check in conversations
fairly often
there are a few pieces of cyberware that
require technical ability
some making you immune to various
then we have cool it increases crit
damage resistances stealth damage and
the mono-wire cyberware damage
it also decreases the rate enemies will
detect you in stealth
so it provides a bit of everything and
is a good supplement to build
i’ll talk more to this when we talk
about skills cool surprisingly does come
up a fair amount in conversations
last we have intelligence and this is
used primarily
to determine your net running ability
mostly influencing how fast you can
quick hack enemies
your ram capacity duration of quick
hacks and i’ll talk to intelligence more
and recover skills
certain intelligence thresholds are also
needed for hacking related cyberware
intelligence is the safest attribute to
avoid putting points into if you don’t
plan on hacking at
all you might notice that if you’re
playing a melee build you’ll be quite
tanky if you invest in body and
reflexes as well as hitting extremely
hard splashing in tech for the armor
might also be worth it
or cool if you want to increase your
resistance’s armor and damage output and
everything while cold blood is
active if you want the highest damage
output you could realistically invest in
body and reflex
but you need one of the two at least
then you need to splash in some cool
though the highest damage is hard to
gauge as even particular quick hack
demons will
instantly kill enemies cyberpunk is a
game where it’s perfectly viable to
in all attributes equally and be a
generalist they all provide something
and you’ll be suited for every situation
also this is the best way to level up
your skills and get
tons of skilled progression rewards what
are they well first i need to explain
skills i briefly mentioned that
attributes affect the skills that sit
under them they do this by setting a cap
if you have x in attribute you have a
max level of x in the skills under it
so 5 in cool will get you up to 5
in the stealth however skill levels
can’t be
bought with points in order to raise a
skill you need to use it
for example to raise your handgun skill
you need to use handguns in combat
you’ll be granted handgun experience and
then at a threshold
the skill will level up each skill has a
progression reward at
level up as mentioned usually a perk
but sometimes something major like
increasing your handgun crit damage
by a large amount in terms of what
skills you have
starting with the body attribute we have
athletics annihilation and street
athletics is your physical prowess
influencing your tankiness and stamina
annihilation is all about shotguns and
light machine guns and for those who
want to make a mess of their enemies
then we have street brawler which is all
about using blunt weapons which includes
your fists
and gorilla arms blunt weapons like bats
are all
non-lethal so if you’re planning a
non-lethal route this is one way to do
another is to find a non-lethal mod for
your weapon which you can get pretty
early on
under the reflex attribute is assault
handguns and blades
assault is all about rifles including
assault rifles and snipers
as well as smgs handguns cover pistols
and revolvers
blades cover bladed melee weapons bleed
effects and mantis blades
technical ability attribute contains two
crafting and engineering crafting is you
guessed it all about crafting and
disassembling items
useful as crafting weapons can be quite
potent you’ve invested into
engineering is not what you expect
though it’s about tech weapons and
as well as influencing the projectile
launch system the cool attribute
influences stealth and
cold blooded stealth is all about
stealthiness knives and poison
if you want to be stealthy this is
definitely a good skill whereas
cold blood is an interesting one it’s a
skill that you need to put a perk point
into to
start gaining experience into it when
you kill a target you’ll get a stack of
cold blood
with one point a stack will increase
your movement speed but as you invest
more in the perk tree
a cold blood buff will get quite potent
other effects finally in the intelligent
attribute we have
breach protocol and quick hacking breach
protocol is all about
manually breaching into targets hacking
a computer for example
quick hacking is all about hacking
targets at a distance using demons and
ram ram functions as mana does in
fantasy games
i see this as more combat oriented
hacking you can get targets to do things
like shoot themselves in the head
within all the skills are perks that you
can invest in with
perk points like mentioned you gain perk
points as skill
progression rewards in the per tree you
have multiple perks
locked this is based on your attribute
not your skill level so you could have
20 points in
reflex zero skill in assault
but will still be able to invest in the
capstone perk
savage stoic within the assault tree
therefore this game doesn’t punish you
for investing in multiple skills across
multiple perk trees though the bottom
most perk of
every tree in this case the punisher
20 skill so you’re only locked off to
one perk as mentioned before going a
generalist build
therefore won’t lock you up too many
perks as long as you have the attribute
and you’ll be getting a lot of perk
points due to dipping into multiple
skill progression rewards
due to the fact you earn progression for
all the skills you use
which gives you perk points to use in
any perk tree not just the one it was
earned in you’re encouraged to play how
you want
rather than how you should to maximize
your progression
for example even though on my first
character i focused on handguns and tech
i used breaches and hacks to make
sneaking around easier when i could
especially to shut down cameras and
turrets this earned me free perk points
at the very least i recommend putting
one perk point into the cold blood skill
and perk of the same name this will mean
after you kill an enemy
you’ll get experience as the cold blood
ability will proc
therefore you’ll start getting that
skills progression
rewards use every skill when you can for
craft whenever you can if you’ve got a
melee blade build
you might consider having a sniper on
you for those hard to get enemies
as you won’t be terrible with rifles
it’s easier to level up skills when
they’re lower
so you might as well claim those easy
perk points also a low skill doesn’t
less damage it just means higher recoil
and slower
reload times as well as less bonuses
even though my first build had all the
perks i could in handguns
switching to a rifle or blades felt just
fine damage wise
cyberpunk leaves the doors open for you
just because you’re heavily invested in
one area doesn’t mean
all your others will suck i put barely
anything into cool early on but
was still stealthing around with the
silencer on my pistol which decreases
damage but increases it when undetected
i just lack some of the options like
throwing knives and poison
though when i was detected i had
powerful combat options so
investing heavily in one area does pay
off as well
one area you definitely should invest to
maximize your power
is your graphics card i play cyberpunk
on a brand new nvidia galaxy
geforce rtx 3080 the 30 series gpus are
here and honestly they deliver some
phenomenal performance
these cards are currently the world’s
fastest most responsive graphics cards
for gaming
as you guys know i only even talk about
what i use and what i support and i
can’t recommend the galax 30 series more
i found that installing this card not
only increased the graphical fidelity of
games i played
it also increased the frames and lowered
my system’s latency
with ray tracing and dlss on cyberpunk
2077 really popped in ways it didn’t
with my 2080 super
another cool feature is the xtreme tuner
mobile app which lets you tune your car
remotely without having to close your
when it comes to competitive gaming
nvidia reflex delivers the ultimate
competitive advantage
the lowest latency the best
responsiveness powered by geforce rtx 30
series gpus and the nvidia g-sync gaming
you acquire targets faster react quicker
and increase your aim precision
through revolutionary suite of
technologies to measure and optimize
system latency
so thanks galex for sponsoring this
video and most of all
thanks for this amazing video card i i
love my job
so i’m not going to run through every
single perk i’ll save that for dedicated
build of videos but i will point out
perks you may want to look at
first is in the athletics tree
you can get this without any attribute
investment and it slowly regenerates
your health
it’ll save you having to eat or use your
meds as often
if you like dismembering enemies the
annihilation tree has perks like popping
off which give you a
50 chance increase to dismember as well
as perks like bloodbath which rewards
you for doing so
it’s truly gory chaos down this tree
especially with how explosive
the shotguns feel if you’re planning on
snipering long shot
actually increases the damage your
enemies take from rifles and submachine
guns the further
you are away combine that with
executioner which does
extra damage to enemies above half
health and you’ll be executing like the
best of them
if you want to live that cowboy or
corporal agent life
pick up the wild west as it removes the
damage penalty from handguns when
shooting from a distance
if you attach a silencer to your pistol
you become a very effective stealthy
agent once i got this perk i found i
didn’t need to distract enemies as much
when i want to sneak around
as a single headshot wasn’t enough at
any range if i was quick to get all the
enemies in the area
counter attacks with blades can be
extremely lethal as offensive defense
with a two perk point investment
increases defensive blade attacks by
400 percent that’s the largest damage
increase perk you have access to
also dragon strike which can be invested
into indefinitely
keeps increasing blades crit damage
which is the best way to increase your
if you’re planning on using crafting at
all pick up a mechanic as a pace for
exponentially closer to the start of the
game you need to get those components
also you can’t craft a rare epic or
legendary eyes without the perks
so keep that in mind if you’ve gone more
a combat route
consider throwing perks in engineering
instead of crafting
until you have enough in technical
ability to only get the perks tied
to crafting rare epic and legendary
quality items
if you love your grenades getting
jackpot allows them to crit
and since crit damage can be increased
or this is a crazy way to make them hit
if you like tech weapons and want to be
able to hold a charge without them
automatically firing
gun whisperer is a perk you should look
into revamp increases the damage of tech
weapons by quite a lot but also
increases damage of chargeable weapons
and cyberware
which includes the projectile launcher
if you’ve gone a pure max
dps ranged character you’re gonna need
some engineering in order to get those
juicy tech
weapon damage increases in stealth with
very little
investment you get access to dagger
dealer letting you throw knives which is
very effective when not detected
almost every perk in the tree adds to
that damage or
poison damage ninjutsu is a must if you
plan on
well a ninja build as it’s a guaranteed
and increased damage will mean you kill
your target most of the time
straight out keeping you in stealth and
like i mentioned at least one point into
cold blood should be picked up
if nothing else but to get the 10
percent increase crit chance and the 3
percent increase armor
you get at a minimum for skill
progression rewards
but if you put any points into cool
you’ll get perk points at level 4 and 5
which will end up paying itself off and
starting you earning more perks than you
invested into it
however if you want to invest into
becoming a killing machine
you need to go all in with the tree the
big sleep in breech protocol is
extremely useful
as there are a lot of cameras most
everywhere especially in story missions
not having to worry about them is a huge
boon as hostile netrunners also use them
to install
annoying demons into you also the turret
tamer perk can be extremely useful
as they’re very powerful and rip through
enemies if you love quick hacks critical
error is a must as it allows your
damaging demons to
crit damage and chance based on your
stats also do note that the best quick
hacks can be crafted to legendary
with the bartmos legacy perk so
that’s it pretty straightforward when
you get your head around the options
like mentioned you can reset your perk
points for 100 000 eddies but that’s a
lot of scratch
and your attributes are locked in my
hope is now you have a good idea of how
you’re going to play
your first character if you like the
video you know what to do
i’ll be bringing you a ton more
cyberpunk guys and content so be sure to
chuck me a follow and let me know below
what you want to see
until next time ciao friends