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Welcome to the Brief Authoritative History of Night City.
This chapter is devoted to so-called styles,
deeply linked with the history of the world
and a very important aspect of life in the city.
You can find them everywhere – in cars, clothes, guns, implants…
They are your warpaint
As one of our sponsors says:
it matters not if you’re dead, as long you’re doing it in style…
The moves on this girl…! Swoosh, swoosh… slicin’ ’em up like sashimi!
Four visual styles are evident in the Night City of 2077
each with its own history, status and features.


Neon hair, illuminated tattoos and chrome.
Function comes second
looks are what matter.
Stanley here with ya, and we got another day ahead of us in this city of dreams.


The Fourth Corporate War broke out, and Entropism was born.
Vast and deep crises forced people
to find ways to survive by any means.
Getting the job done, no matter how, was the primary goal.
The look – who cares?
I love this town, love it like you might love a mother
who popped you out on the steps of an orphanage once
and now stops you to ask if you’ve got a smoke for her.
Fuck them, fuck this job, fuck this city.


Deadly elegance without ostentation.
Corporate, militaristic fashion,
mostly seen in the wealthier parts of town.
“Substance over style” – that’s the motto.


Celebrities, braindance stars, business magnates,
heirs to corporate fortunes and corporate executives.
They abandoned the cold, deadly elegance of neomilitarism
and returned to the roots of kitsch, but gave it a fresh, new look.
Oh shit, these hands… Sometimes seems like I just brush something, and sparks fly…
Thank you for your attention.
We wish you a very pleasant stay in our marvellous metropolis.
Good luck and goodbye.
NC’s legends – know where you’ll find most of ‘em?
The graveyard.
Luckily, matters not where you’re from, matters not where you start.
What matters here is the walk you walk.