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More of a two wheels fan? No worries, we got you covered! Go behind the scenes of our cooperation with Arch Motorcycle with the company’s co-founders, Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger.

You know, it’s not like, whoooah! Deeper vrooom.
I’m Gard Hollinger.
I’m Keanu Reeves.
And we’re here as representatives of Arch Motorcycle
and we’re doing some audio recording for Cyberpunk 2077.
California City Municipal Airport, California City, CA, USA
Arch Motorcycle is a custom production motorcycle company.
What’s unique about it is that the motorcycles are built on a production platform
where each one is designed to be able to be personalized for each customer.
When CD Projekt RED approached me about doing Cyberpunk 2077,
they also spoke about integrating.
They were fans, these people who work at this company,
were fans of Arch Motorcycle,
so they broached the idea of creating kind of specialized Cyberpunk 2077 version
of the Arch Motorcycle.
I thought that was a very fine idea.
We have a motorcycle we’ve designed
and we’ve been developing called the Method 143 so that
I think, in particular was a creative inspiration for the designers,
so they sort of used that as a basis and then went further,
so it has a totally different, crazy-looking power plant.
We did a little customization ..
It’s good, I like it.
Today we’re capturing sounds,
getting smashed for sounds of a power plant,
drivetrain and characteristics of the motorcycle which I’m sure they will, you know,
have played with and stuff but the source will be pure.
It has a sort of a racing engine and comapred to a production motorcycles,
it has a dual exhaust system and it sounds pretty vrooooom.
Sounds good.
I could definitely blindfolded tell that’s the Method 143-ish sounding motorcycle.
Nature of the role-playing aspect of the game.
I think it’d be cool like to be on a bike
and hear that going through the city streets and get into the madness of mayhem.