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Cyberpunk 2077 — Cosplay Contest Grand Finale

Watch the Grand Finale of the official Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay Contest!

Night City is a place of many faces.
From power mongering corpos,
and chromed out celebrities,
to infamous gang members
and hard-hitting mercenaries.
Take part in our cosplay contest
and show us which face of Cyberpunk 2077 is yours.
Hello everyone!
Wecome to the Grand Finale of our Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay Contest.
In this contest, we asked our talented community
to cosplay a character from the game,
based on the oficially published art, screenshots, videos, cosplay guides, etc.
And let me tell you one thing –
we were blown away by the results!
After announcing the contest in June 2019
we decided to take it for a tour around the world.
We visited 5 gaming events in different countries:
We went to Gamescom in Germany,
PAX in the USA, Tokyo Game Show in Japan,
Igromir in Russia and, finally, Paris Games Week in France.
I’m sure not all of you had an opportunity to attend them,
so let’s see how it all went down!
In each event we chose one winner who advanced to the Grand Finale.
But we weren’t done yet!
For everyone who couldn’t be there we also organized online qualifiers,
where people could submit their cosplays on a dedicated website.
You see, we met dozens of amazing cosplayers during offline qualifiers,
but we received hundreds more submissions online.
So, as you can imagine, the choice wasn’t easy.
In fact, it was so hard
that instead of choosing 5 more finalists from online qualifiers,
we chose 7.
And now, 12 best Cyberpunk cosplayers are competeing for the
1st place in the 1st official Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay contest.
And a nice chunk of 30 000 dollars prize pool.
Are you ready to meet them?
Hi everyone!
I’m Valentine Costumes –
and this is my V cosplay.
I’d love to have more time to show you
all of the details of this costume,
from the precize topstitching and hand-painted motives
thorugh the custom-modeled and finished guns and props
but, for now, let’s just watch it all in action.
Where do you think you’re going?
That way.
Hey! Saint!
V, you got the splitter?
Sure, I have, you got my stuff?
The hell is this, Saint?
Hey, if anything goes wrong, this never happened.
You worry too much, Saint. Nothing’s gonna go wrong.
What went wrong?
Hi! I’m an ordinary guy from Russia, Parfino village.
I’m keen on creating cool things and
dream about my own workshop.
The semifinal made me on step closer to it.
Royce was described very precisely,
so I managed to recreate every single detail.
However, there was no guide for exoskeleton.
I had a great deal of work to do.
Well, no words…
I worked in my gather’s garge, kitchen, outside the house.
The costume weights about 80 kg.
There are gas lifts installed in the legs.
The giant gun serves for animation and effects control panel.
Control cable is the same as that in the game.
Activators in legs provide mechanic sound of footsteps.
There are original game sound, light and motion animation,
when shooting the gun.
Royce’s phrases create the inherent villain atmosphere.
What is going on?
The shield has perforation with backlight,
it moves around and forward.
What’s up?
My name is Kody Lewis from Philadephia, Pennsylvania,
and I’m cosplaying as Johnny Silverhand
from the new game Cyberpunk 2077.
Check it out!
I’ve been a fan of CD PROJEKT RED games for a long time,
dating back to when I started playing The Witcher 3.
And when I saw that they were coming out with Cyberpunk 2077,
I was very excited.
And even more excited, when they announced a Cyberpunk Cosplay Contest.
I’ve never cosplayed before
and I was kind of nervous to start the competition,
but when I saw that Johnny Silverhand
is one of the characters you can cosplay as,
I immediately jumped on it.
Cause I’m a guitarist myself,
and thought I could play with the character very well.
And being guitarist,
I wanted to be able to play the guitar while wearing the costume,
so when I built the costume,
I made sure that I was able to play the guitar while wearing the arm as well.
Check your calls –
Dick’s just sent over a bounty and she should be headed this way.
Look who it is!
You got some balls coming around here.
We’re runnin’ this joint.
What you gonna do about it?
Oh, what the–
Spare me, I’ll call off the bounty
Come and get it!
My name is Lola Zieta, from Indonesia, South-East Asia.
I’ve been waiting for seven years and now the wait is over.
So enough sulking,
we have a city to burn, Samurai.
Hi, I’m Mia!
Also known as Tingilya Cosplay.
I cosplay since 2015.
For this competition, I cosplay Dum Dum,
a character which allows me to transform completely
into a badass gang member
from the world of Cyberpunk 2077.
Thanks for watching and goodbye!
Hey guys!
I’m Yugoro and I’m an artist from Estonia.
I like both digital and physical forms of art.
I like to experiment with materials
and I’m a huge fan of collab projects.
My cosplay is a chromanticore character
which I decided to upgrade with extra cyberpunk swag.
My jacket has an in-built screen for ads.
My boots are enhanced with lights and smoking machines.
Cyberpunk 2077 is my most ambitious project
and I hope you enjoy it.
Trauma Team International
…diagnose extra.
An emergency unit has been dispatched.
A Trauma Team soldier comes equipped
with the latest military grade cyberwear available.
Deadly accuracy, faster reflexes and, of course, greater strength.
The soldier’s equipped
with the most recent kind of our industry’s weapons,
the best weapons at the market.
The Militech M-10AF Lexington is a small caliber handgun,
but no less deadly.
Subscribe to our Platinium Membership
and our unit will rescue you anywhere,
even in the farthest regions of Badlands.
Hi, I’m Dimitri,
also known as Props It Yourself.
I’m a French cosplayer
and this is my Cyberpunk cosplay for the final.
You militech people got a lot of nerve
coming for these meetings and I sure know…
Where were you?
I’m sorry, I thought that we agreed to meet in a secure location.
That’s bullshit, you know about it.
Is that all you got?
You belong to Maelstrom now, bitch.
Hello, my name is Larry Hastings.
I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
A lot of people thought that Royce couldn’t be done,
based on his aesthetics.
However, myself and my team thought that
that was the most interesting problem
that we had to solve.
Thus, we brought him to life.
Here’s what we got.
Heard you were looking for me.
So you are…
Ketrin. But you can call me V.
You are not what I expected.
Can’t a girl from Czech Republic sell guns in that city?
Yes, I mean, no, I… What I meant, actually, was…
Look. Here you can be anything you want.
This one here.
So are you buying or not?
Militech M-10AF Lexington
and our big boy Achilles.
So, which one? Thirsty?
You forgot to check out these.
Wow, they were all amazing!
Do you have a favorite?
They certainly didn’t make it easy for us to choose!
But before we meet our judges and reveal the winners,
let’s talk about prizes one more time.
I already mentioned the 30K dollar prize pool, but that’s not all.
Our team has prepared a little surprise…
We decided that regular trophies are not cool enough,
so instead of that, the top 3 will receive detailed props
based on weapons from the game.
They have been made specifically for this occasion
and winners will be able to do with them as they please.
They can use them as props in their photoshoots
or just display them in a cool place at home or their workshops.
To be able to judge everyone fairly,
earlier this September,
we organized a pre-judging session with each of our finalists.
We were joined by our expert judges —
Maul Cosplay and Maja Felicitas.
You may know them as the original Vs.
So, after taking a closer look at every picture,
every video and every work-in-progress material sent by our finalists
and asking them detailed questions about their costumes
we have finally come up with a decision.
So, let’s hear it from our judges!
The third place goes to someone who did an incredibly authentic job.
When you see him walking in the street,
you think this guy came straight from the game.
He looks like the real deal.
Ladies and getlemen,
the third place goes to Larry Hastings aka Vulture Productions
from the US as Royce.
The winner of the second place did something that none of us
or any of the other judges have ever seen before.
The crafting skills are outstanding and left all of us speachless.
Ladies and getlemen,
and comrads,
the second place goes to, russian name, Anna Ormeli Moleva
from Russia as Lizzy Wizzy.
The first place goes to someone
who used almost every cosplay technique we’ve ever heard of
and also used some very professional techniques.
She even cut her long hair
and shaved her head for this Cyberpunk character.
She’s super dedicated
and also had to learn a bunch of new skills,
all of them to be combined in her breathtaking cosplay.
So, ladies and gentleman.
Leute! (DE)
The first place in the Cyberpunk Cosplay Contest goes to —
let’s say it together —
Tingilya Cosplay from Germany as DumDum!
Well done!
You did a great job!!
Thank you so much!
Congratulations! That was amazing!
Please make sure to spend that cash wisely – or not!
I guess this is it,
this is the end of the contest.
It has been a wild ride for all of us —
but let me tell you one thing before we finish.
I’d like to thank every single participant,
whether you made it to the finale or not,
you all showed enormous talent and determination
and I hope that you will keep up the good work,
because there’s still so many characters left to cosplay.
And you will meet them very soon, on November 19th 2020.
So thank you once again!
And see you in Night City!