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We’ve just received some news updates on Cyberpunk 2077 environment destruction along with some juicy information regarding how the RPG system is going to be much deeper in cyberpunk compared to The Witcher. CDPR has also revealed more info on how you can make your player have aimbot like skills overtime.


so cd projekt red has just confirmed
that everything in cyberpunk 2077
will be pretty much destructible in the
environment and that is
one crazy newsletter now this
information is coming from a video game
journal website named
tweet count where they basically said
cyberpunk 2077 will have breathtaking
environmental destruction the city
project says that they have put a lot of
emphasis on making destructible
environments into cyberpunk 2077. now
let’s just go ahead and take a look at
what powell cappella basically teased
about how the environmental destruction
is going to be working
we put a lot of emphasis on having
destructible environment overall
in our game players will experience
things ranging from
very simple so for example if you have a
shootout in bar and you’re shooting the
you will see glasses exploding or things
like beer bottles disintegrating on
impact we wanted to have that feeling
that basically after you’re done with
the shootout the place where you have
the shootout is completely destroyed so
we want players to actually use some
weapons to destroy these covers
so the enemies are at a higher
disadvantage we also have destructible
glass in the game and all those things
give you the feeling that the
projectiles of from your weapon actually
carries a lot of power
and this also extends to stuff like you
will be able to see bullet details
on all the things that are present in
the level you’ll also be able to see
different hit reactions from different
objects in the world
like for example if you hit a pipe with
water inside it then you will basically
see the water sprouting out from that
one specific spot which your bullet hit
or whatever weapon you’re using
basically hit the pipe now the very
interesting thing is that he also said
that this
extends to nearly every object we have
in the game which means
that everything in the game will be
completely destructible in cyberpunk
2077 and that is a massive news ladies
and gentlemen because it seems like cd
projekt red
is absolutely ready to blow all our
minds off with the amount of features
they’re bringing
in with cyberpunk 2077 now also since
we’re speaking about all the destruction
and weapons in the game there is also
something really cool that panel capala
has revealed and this is coming from
game radar’s article which basically
you can become so good with a weapon in
cyberpunk 2077
that it will actually feel like you’re
using an aimbot
now dude honestly speaking that is
freaking insane because you can actually
feel like your player has
aimbot in the games now what the lead
gameplay designer michael de brawlski
basically says
is that the more you start using a
weapon in the game
your character b will actually start
getting better at using this weapon so
this is going to be some kind of a
dynamic thing in the game so the more
you start using a weapon
the more comfortable v starts getting
with that particular weapon
and eventually it seems like you’re
going to be getting to a point where
your character we
will be so comfortable at using that
weapon that you’re going to be feeling
like you’re aimboting in the game and
that’s freaking insane dude so that is
how much the dynamic improvements of
your character customization is going to
be working out
in this game now this is not it guys
because we have more information coming
from comic book games
where the lead designer miles toast has
basically said
how the rpg system is going to be
working out in cyberpunk 2077. now this
is what milestones had to say i think
that people tend to forget the cyberpunk
2077 is an rpg first
and foremost so customization and
equipment choices making choices in the
skills you have the talents and how your
character looks how you choose the
dialogues in the game
it is of course the center stage
experience of this game
but i think that some people look at
this game and think oh man
is just a first person and has guns and
is a very surface level assessment
because he thinks that this game has
a much more deeper role-playing
experience than what we’ve already seen
in witcher 3 wild hunt and it seems like
3d project red is already confident that
the rpg system in cyberpunk 2077 is
going to be way better
than what they’ve already achieved with
a game like widget 3 and if you guys
have played witcher 3 wild hunt then you
already know that it was one of the best
rpg games
that has ever released even in the year
2020 you will still enjoy that game
absolutely so i am super excited for
this game to see how
city project red has progressed with how
the rpg system is going to be working
with cyberpunk 3d7 now of course we
already know that there are three
different life paths that you can choose
in cyberpunk 2077
and it seems like that is going to be
one of the hardest things to choose
when you’re going to start your first
playthrough of cyberpunk 2077 because
there are three different life paths
and all the three life paths have their
own unique storylines and their own
take to the game and i would love to
know on which are you guys going to be
picking would you be playing as
nomad or street kid or carpool let me
know in the comments down below i’m kind
of confused between
nomad and corporal because these are the
two life paths that i absolutely thought
really interesting but eventually at the
end of the day i will be playing all the
three live paths but i would love to
on which you guys are going to be
picking out on your first playthrough so
let me know all of your choices in the
comments down below
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