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cyberpunk 2077 has gone gold the game is
indeed finished although technically
speaking the game is ready to be shipped
and cd projekt red developers will
continue work as they knock out bugs and
other glitches that remain
through a sizeable day one update you’ll
see some of these issues solved before
you hopefully even play
definitely a huge achievement for all
the cd projekt red developers though
this game was announced
in 2012 by martinewinsky and creator
mike pondsmith eight years later the
is complete as some of you may have seen
when this news broke dozens upon dozens
of cd projekt red developers
took to social media to celebrate and
again just a huge congratulations to
everyone involved with making one of the
most highly anticipated games in years
possible for what’s next with cyberpunk
2077 though night city wire episode 4
has been announced for october 15th
at noon eastern standard time and as
with all previous episodes i will be
streaming the event so make sure to come
to the channel
a few minutes before the show begins as
we’ll discuss and break it all down live
now for the contents of night city wire
episode 4 a huge focus will be
on vehicles cd prancing red posted this
teaser footage which shows a mizutani
sports car
drifting in front of what appears to be
6th street gang members
and part of their poverty-ridden
district of sano domingo which is full
on display in this brief footage
also pointed out by senior quest
designer philip webber on twitter if you
look closely you’ll notice the tire
switches from the cdpr team trying to
get the perfect shot a few times
furthermore global community lead martin
lamont has teased again on twitter that
just so you know we will have
a lot to say about vehicles in this one
other than vehicles cdpr has
indicated we of course will see new
gameplay footage announcements and more
in the past cdpr has stated that we’ll
eventually see the game’s music given a
spotlight in a future night city wire
so maybe that happens in episode four
console footage and post launch plans
are additional things that have been
mentioned by cdpr
as topics that they’ll reveal closer to
launch which might mean
they’re shown or discussed during a
night city wire episode
although i suspect that’ll come in
potentially the final episode which i
will happen days before launch anyway
the next reveal right around the corner
just a few days from now but today
we as usual have a lot of new cyberpunk
2077 stuff to go over
including the latest news keanu
advertisements new footage images
interviews and previews and a brand new
leak of the game’s map which connects to
another leak that came in 2018 and much
more but before we proceed forward if
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nonetheless the last week or so there
certainly has been massive drama
surrounding the development of cyberpunk
if you have not seen my two previous
videos i cover that drama and i highly
recommend that you check it out
essentially two investigative
journalists who both claim they spoke to
a dozen or so cdpr developers
with two drastically different accounts
of what’s going on behind the scenes
now with us nearing the finish line with
cyberpunk 2077
almost here advertising and marketing
has seen a drastic increase
which is to be expected especially since
the game is under 40 days away the most
significant new marketing material
though were some short trailers that
were shown during the nba finals with
keanu reeves at the center of them while
nothing new necessarily was shown during
these trailers like actual gameplay
we did however get a new cgi video
teased in which we can see
in the first sees the day trailer v
having cyberware installed like for
briefly we see kiroshi optics being
installed we also see v
fighting off i believe militech soldiers
in the hallway and a really cool shot of
him driving a heavily damaged rayfield
supercar with a driver’s side door blown
off while firing a submachine gun at
chasing him in the second no limits
trailer we see this same rayfield
supercar not damaged as it cruises
through night city
like i said before all part of a new cgi
video which may be coming during one of
the next
night city wire episodes in other
marketing related news cyberpunk 2077
has apparently teamed up with old spice
with the game being front and center on
some of their deodorant and body wash
kits razer has also partnered up with cd
projekt red revealing the cyberpunk 2077
themed viper ultimate computer mouse
rockstar energy drinks ongoing promotion
with cyberpunk 2077
also revealed the grand prize which is a
custom 1970 mustang which is inspired by
the in-game quadra type 66
i’m not sure if you consider this
marketing or not but a few more popular
streamers revealed that they would have
a presence in cyberpunk 2077’s world
through in-game advertisements content
creator arrex gaming revealed his got
chrome design on twitter the cyberpunk
2077 twitter account revealed a similar
that has been made for german streamer
pandoria carol costa
ign brazil journalist did as well
revealing her in an arasaka
advertisement along with in-game
character yoynubu arasaka
another female streamer who i can’t
pronounce her username showed off a
thermal pace applicator design
with her face at the center and lastly
spanish youtuber vegeta777
revealed a very artistic ad that he’s in
moving along next during a special
russian night city wire we again got to
see some localized gameplay the footage
shown is the same scenes that we saw
previously in japanese from the tokyo
game show in late september where jackie
and v
meet the maelstrom gang and v meets
evelyn parker and judy alvarez at
lizzie’s bar for a brain dance session
but notably
what has changed with this updated
footage is the graphics which look a
whole lot better and it seems what has
been improved is the lighting effects
other than this updated footage we did
get some very interesting new details
like the fact there are a number of
characters in night city
that will only ever speak their own
languages be it japanese russian spanish
or something else
these characters are voiced over by
their original actors and the original
languages in all localizations
in the game one example this would be
saburo arasaka the ceo of the company
who will only speak
japanese this all factors into cdpr’s
mission to create the most immersive
story possible
and it just makes sense that some
characters will only speak their native
during this night city wire episode cdpr
also provided new insight into some of
the characters
like evelina novakova director for the
russian voice cast said that her
favorite character is jackie not just
for his charming personality but also
because he’s a huge family man
ilya bledney who portrays russian johnny
silverhand would emphasize that his
is not a nice person he’s a jerk but as
you play through the game we will grow
very fond of him as he’s one hell of a
dude evelina novakova would further add
that he stands out from the crowd and
makes the players feel for him even
people like johnny merit compassion
igor vasilev the voice of the russian
male v
described night city as its own
character one that can be a villain at
lastly during this event alexander
radkovich senior localization
project manager of cyberpunk 2077
revealed that the game has more dialogue
lines than the witcher 3 and its
expansions combined
over 1 million words in total in the
script 18 languages in total with 10
getting a full localization
with voiceover and text and ain’t just
getting a text translation
what’s interesting here is the size of
cyberpunk 2077 script
just days ago actually cdpr’s japanese
team revealed an image
showing just how huge the script is for
the game and
yeah it’s it’s pretty big even before
that in early september it was revealed
by cdpr’s chinese team that they had
used more than 150 voice actors recorded
100 000 lines used for recording studios
10 000 hours were invested into the
chinese localization effort
it was said the voice acting work is
fifteen to twenty percent more than the
witcher three
including its dlc which all this is
directly in line with what’s now been
revealed by the russian team
for comparison’s sake it’s been said
that the witcher 3’s base game had 450
000 words and 70 000 dialogue lines in
its script with hearts of stone adding
another 6 000 blood and wine adding
14 000 lines so just around 90 000 total
dialogue lines for the witcher 3
with cyberpunk 2077 though the game has
more than double the amount of words in
its script which
how that translates to actual dialogue
lines is unclear but certainly there are
well over 100 000 dialogue lines which
for added comparison bethesda game
studios fallout 4 had 111
000 lines of dialogue in its script this
is just giving an idea of how
massive the size of cyberpunk 2077
actually is
not just necessarily the main story next
we do have a couple of new images with
the first being artwork that was
released in celebration of the
mid-autumn festival
as you can see we have some nomads
bonding over a fire with some sort of
mech being burned to pieces
interestingly mysterious nomad girl once
again is present drinking
in the second image this is an actual
in-game screenshot and as many have
predicted this very likely as our first
look at the game’s photo mode which is
capturing bullet shells or cases
flying through the air now one subject
that i have seen some questions in
regards to is male romances
and cdpr senior quest designer philip
webber addressed this on the game’s
official forum saying hey i’d agree that
so far we haven’t shown many explicitly
quote unquote males on our released
materials but as it is fitting
for our setting they are also part of
night city both as people in the world
and in-game
advertising since players can now also
who their character is into it was also
important for us to make male romances
interesting we’re really excited in the
team for players to get to know them we
put a lot of effort into all of our
carrying on the romance topic the
official cyberpunk 2077 german facebook
account shared the following image
stating our localization boss is
visiting the berlin recording studio
from warsaw today
and is watching the most beautiful
romance scenes in cyberpunk 2077 with us
and i mean yeah not much more to say
than just that
as some of you might have heard
cyberpunk 2077
recently had a bit of a leak with its
physical edition
contents leaking what was revealed were
some of the cool little postcards
players will get one of pacifica and
what it was supposed to be a huge
tourist trap
one of the el coyote coho bar where the
street kid life path begins
and one of japan town but much of the
online conversation is on the world’s
size which we’ve already gone over this
multiple times maybe it’s just me but i
don’t really see the significance with
this because for the most part we’ve
seen this map in its entirety multiple
times now
but what i did find significant about
this map leak were the red location
markers throughout the map and it’s a
bit hard to make out most of them
my personal question is what do these
locations represent are they high level
shoot on site restricted locations we
can only enter during the story
maybe right now it’s unclear but in
pacifica we can see the red wording
representing a stadium
under charter hill there seems to be
some sort of power plant in city center
i’m pretty sure this red location is of
arasaka tower
outside of night city in the bottom
right hand corner of the map is just too
blurry to make out what is said and
lastly on the coast of night city we
once again get a mention
to the mysterious spaceport this
location is very
interesting because cdpr has been
tight-lipped on what this may or may not
in some of the game’s early footage from
2018 we did see some space travel teased
which begs the question
will there be a hub outside of night
city and earth that we may visit
in cyberpunk lore there are lunar
colonies and this actually now connects
us to a leak that came in april of 2018
from polish gaming website game pressure
at the time many had trouble believing
this leak because game pressure was the
first to accurately leak
that cyberpunk 2077 was a game played
from the first person perspective but
what was also mentioned in this leak is
the following
our source also confirmed that both cd
projekt studios based in warsaw and
are hard at work with the latter
currently focusing on a fragment
of the game the action of which will
take place on the moon
so i personally suspect for at the very
least one mission we will be leaving
night city for whatever story related
reason moving along we now dive into a
recent interview cyberpunk 2077’s
story director marcin blocka gave to a
polish outlet
special thanks to this reddit user on
the screen that can’t pronounce his
for translating the most notable details
that were stated but
marcin blocka revealed that there are 1
000 people working at cd projekt red but
not everyone is working on cyberpunk
cdpr is not trying to repeat themselves
too much but there will be stories which
like the witcher 3’s blood bear and
are well crafted and talk about
interesting problems cd projekt is an
international company english is an
official language in the office there
were people from california working on
the game
unlike the witcher franchise which was
very polish night city is a melting pot
of cultures
cyberpunk 2077 is more complex than the
managing all of the interconnected
elements was the most challenging thing
when working on the game
there’s many science fiction fans inside
of cdpr and they argued about what
should be in the game
there will be some retro cyberpunk a la
gibson and some transhumanism there will
be a lot of variety they are trying to
avoid cliches and came up with new ideas
they often joke
it’s dumb but nobody’s done it yet and
lastly cyberpunk 2077’s story director
teased that there are lots of plot
and surprises the game deals with many
topics with transhumanism being the main
in another interview this time with
hiroshi saka kibara
the environmental city coordinator at
cdpr revealed some insight on the design
of night city
thanks to a translation from ign the
cdpr developer revealed that entering
one of the skyscrapers in the area and
then randomly getting off the elevator
halfway and walking the stairs from
there is a truly dynamic experience you
will see details like terror seating
kiosks and other shops people hanging
out their clothes
somebody sitting at a balcony a drone
carrying goods and more
sucka kabara said that looking down at
the streets
or up at the little bit of sky you can
see between the skyscrapers is an
enthralling experience which will make
players realize that they have truly
come to a cyberpunk mega city
the cdpr developer also mentioned that
cyberpunk 2077’s director
and cdpr studio head adam badowski
repeatedly reminded the team that an
filled with things that look futuristic
is not cyberpunk but simply science
fiction now to one of the final parts of
this video we have some new impressions
and previews that were shared by a few
brazilian game outlets that were able to
play the game for a few hours recently
the enemy noted in their preview in
appearance cyberpunk resembles its genre
combining the action of the shooter with
the numbers coming out of enemies
of an rpg the controls are very
responsive and the character is very
anyone who wants to view cyberpunk as an
action game can do so if they think so
and on the decision to only have a first
person perspective or camera
they wrote after playing cyberpunk 2077
i can guarantee that this perspective is
the best possible one for exploring
night city
the game works very well with the first
person view either in the level of
detail exploration that the
city has to offer on the idea of
cybernetic implants
affecting the information displayed on
the screen like an update in your
brain’s operating system ign brazil
stated in their preview navigating this
world on foot or in a vehicle is a
despite all the horror of socio-economic
inequality present and a constant threat
to v’s life night city is a strangely
familiar home
ign brazil’s preview of cyberpunk 2077
concluded by saying that the game is
dense there’s a lot going on there are
many mechanics and most importantly
there are many options the dystopian
world of the future is yours to be
the experience of the short test period
is very positive and inviting
although the game world is cruel and
constantly tense i can’t wait to dive
into the adventure gaming website uol
described a very interesting encounter
that they had
during their preview session i had time
to do a side mission marked a soul in
progress on the map i opted for stealth
to eliminate most targets all members of
the tiger claws gang what really caught
my attention was how the gang reacted to
my presence instead of firing
immediately the enemy first tried to
shoot me out of the area
there’s nothing to see here get out and
only went to violence when they realized
what my intention was
furthermore this gaming website uol
would provide some insight into how
npcs react to our presence in which they
do but it was stated that there’s
not always an interaction with dialogue
options possible but usually they will
say something if you’re doing something
even if it is just a what are you
looking at the npcs with whom v
interacts during missions were built in
a way
that looks like they really have a life
besides being there just to talk to you
for example they mentioned judy the
brain dance technician
that becomes everyone’s crush when she
appeared and it was noted that judy
acted weird and worried about not
getting in trouble
uol also mentions a strange moment that
they had in which during gameplay their
caught a type of viral infection in
their implants which caused her to shake
and restart several times
either player felt the virus in the same
way that v the character was feeling
lastly tekmundo stated the freedom of
choice in quest
the live and real open world the
brilliantly constructed cyberpunk
atmosphere the absurdly well-crafted
dialogue and attention
to detail one is over all four of these
brazilian outlets were extremely
positive about their time with the game
to a few final pieces of news a few
times the past week cdpr has made clear
that there are no more delays coming one
cdpr developer a part of the japanese
localization team
said on twitter that only a natural
disaster can re-postpone cyberpunk
2077’s release
which is a bold thing to say in the year
2020 considering you know
everything that has happened piggyback
officially announced these cyberpunk
2077 guides which will give players
insight into everything night city has
to offer players with explanations of
game mechanics and walkthroughs of
italian localized gameplay of the
lizzie’s bar brain dance scene has been
revealed again though nothing new in
this footage
cd projekt red founder marcin owinski
announced during a korean night city
wire episode
that there would be a full korean
voiceover cyberpunk read the tabletop
rpg that fills in the gap from 2020 to
2077 has its core rulebook finally
releasing right around the time
cyberpunk 2077
launches this november lastly the
cyberpunk 2077 twitter account
discussed the philosophical side of the
game revealing that in cyberpunk 2077 we
technology as banal and not as
liberatory technology exists to
reproduce systems that produce the
technology the questioning we want to
inspire is more personal and humanistic
than anything directly related to the
implications of new technologies
anyway cyberpunk 2077’s release is
quickly approaching
coming in a crazy november month for
gaming and for now the next thing i’m
looking forward to and hopefully you
is night city wire episode 4 where we’ll
get tons of more insight on vehicles and
of course
i will be breaking it all down in a
video sometime afterwards and yes i will
be going live but let me know your
thoughts on everything that we discussed
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