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All about Netrunning, the state of The Net, the latest gear to traverse cyberspace and the mastermind hacker Rache Bartmoss will be dissected in today’s Cyberpunk 2077 lore video!

Before the 4th Corporate War, The Net was a robust global communication network that was able to transmit and store all kinds of data. Net access via a traditional computer or cybermodem and interface were the methods in which you could access the Net and it’s infinite potential. A cybermodem allowed you to view the net in 3 dimensions, and accelerated data transfer rates for virtually no latency from brain to machine.

The Net was divided and fragmented after the events of the 4th Corporate War, largely due to one of the most brilliant and paranoid Netrunners of all time, Rache Bartmoss. He likely created the Demon and Hound series of programs, both with the ability to track and kill netrunners.

There are many rumors circulating on Rache’s death, but there is no debate on how his demise triggered one of the most cataclysmic events for the net. In the moment Rache died, his life-support system ceased sending delay codes, unleashing a flurry of advanced programs, namely the RABIDs into the net, corrupting data, damaging files, scattering them across the Net & frying all netrunners that were connected to the Net at the time. These RABIDs of Roving Autonomous Bartmoss Interface Drones were sleeper programs that when awakened were designed to create as much havoc in the net destroying as much data as possible, leading to a net wide DataKrash. Distributed randomly through cyberspace, this meant that any hope to combat it relied on an airtight emergency protocol. No such protocol existed and by the time one did, it was much too late and the net was irreparably damaged.