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Good day everyone, today in Cyberpunk 2077 we are going to talk about the US Military in the world of Cyberpunk including the lore history and different branches like The Army, The Navy, USMC, and The US Aerospace Force.

welcome back folks my name is last no
meal and today we’re going to talk about
the united states military in the world
of cyberpunk
i had some questions on what happened
with the army since we only keep hearing
about corporations and their soldiers
so today we’re going to learn about the
recent history
and their organization in the dark
first of the history of cyberpunk does
have correlations with our history you
do have the berlin wall which
in 1989 was declared non-operational and
that’s when the
basically the destruction of that wall
started which was actually
until 1991 and it also signalized the
end of the cold war
but the thing is the piece didn’t last
for long because between
1991 and 1992
the us anti-drug bio agent which was
all over the world took effect and the
hardest hit were the drug lords of south
who were the primary suppliers to the us
that’s when those drug lords with the
help of eec corporations decided to
strike back and attack the dea
on all fronts now it is not known if the
euro corps
actually did business with the cartels
or is it just to basically weaken
the us by actually making it harder for
them to win those battles
now during that time you had the gang of
four which was
actually the organization made of nsa
fbi and dea they were the ones who
actually released that bio agent the
anti-drug bio agent
all over the world and caused issues
they basically made decisions
that influenced millions of american
lives and were kinda
running everything in the background now
after the cartels attacked the ea
to basically fortify their political
they decided for a military action down
south to decimate drug lords and their
but the thing is most of those cartels
employed guerrilla tactics and what was
happening at vietnam
started happening again the entire
economy of those particular regions
depended on drug money
meaning if you were not directly
involved in that
you were making money from someone who
and a lot of people saw that as us
taking their livelihood so decided to
strike back as well
that’s also when the use of aerodynes
became a norm because helicopters and
planes were unable to navigate the
jungle terrain so vtols were used to
actually aid the military
and became mostly airborne in that area
but then since the collapse of 1995
well the country’s economy the us
economy was decimated and millions of
were left homeless so the army was
slowly pulled from
from that war to establish a military
rule or well the martial law
across u.s to try and bring peace that’s
when people started seeing the military
as a gang living the high life because
well the more humane tactics were put
so that the population could be calmed
but for example during the houston
incident military killed more than 2
000 people via artillery barrage when
they refused to turn back from entering
since you know martial law was put in
that also had a shoot on site curfew
placed in new york and
other east coast city so of course the
military was
viewed as somewhat being a terrorist
organization in a sense
that’s also when federal forces clashed
with state militias and national guard
troops those incidents happened from
time to time like for example
during the battle of edwards when
governor e brown iii
got greedy and sent californian forces
to capture
edwards air force base but with the help
of rival nevadan troops
the defenders of edwards repelled the
californian assault
after some time has passed though
martial law was revoked but
the time during the martial law wasn’t
really that nice you had the plague
which happened in the year 2000 which
basically decimated
the lands of the us and they were not
doing good the slow descent of humanity
actually started
now after the situation started calming
down a bit in the states
dea turned back again to the central
problem that’s when first cyber soldiers
started appearing on the battleground
and they thought that was it we are
definitely going to win this time
but there was a problem even though dea
presumed drugs came in from the south
most of them were actually made and
distributed within the us
under the slogan by americans so the
populace saw
that this war was about territory not
making the us
safe but again euro corps started
funding various armies and troops to
fight with the us
army their goal wasn’t much to decimate
the u.s
forces or to decimate the us itself
but to basically destabilize the economy
by making the u.s fight in the war
and after eight years the us couldn’t
handle it anymore the war became
too expensive and they decided to pull
back and of course
the euro corps basically won but let’s
look at the another frontier
that the us was interested in space
during the time when space became
interesting to the entire world
the united states aerospace force was
stripped of its dominance so they
started building up the force to retake
that to retake space
you know who else had that plan the
neo-soviet union’s
own esa assisted space armament plan and
of course
the two powers collided that’s when you
had killer satellites
drones and mines being placed in the
so of course both started destroying
each other’s gear and scavenging
each other’s weapons now the esa itself
and the high riders
just watched from the side because it
was becoming too dangerous
and complicated for them to get involved
so they just kind of left these two to
attack each other
the first orbit war was actually the
most expensive war since the highest
cost per hour in material being
destroyed or expanded
was 2.98 billion euro dollars per
hour now after all of these conflicts
military kinda calmed down a bit
it kinda returned into the background
and it’s still you know maintained the
power in a sense you know keep in mind
the military is not gone they’re just
not that active on the us soil anymore
and in the example of night city you
know being a city state
the us military cannot just stroll in
that’s why corporal
presence is so big there and everything
is run by the city council
they don’t answer to anyone especially
the us president
but keep one thing in mind military does
not play around with corporations
now both militech and arasaka being all
still didn’t match the power of the us
military and during the operation
big stick which was against the mantoga
the military basically decimated every
every base this corporation had with an
artillery strikes you know personnel on
the ground
but the pinpoint strikes destroyed every
they had and that was the clear example
what happens if a corporation
gets out of line and pushes the us
too far and look a lot of corporations
want to stay in good relationship with
the military
who do you think buys their weapons and
vehicles not everyone has the budget
like the army so of course corps stayed
close to them
especially militech because the ceo of
militech is the former u.s marine corps
lundy well of course ex ceo of militech
everything which i’m talking
about was happening prior and in 2020.
of course in 2020 as i said military
maintained its power you still have the
army the navy the marines and the
aerospace force
all of those organizations had their
roles kind of stay the same
you know protect the land the sky and
the coasts
of the states but the problem is people
saw what military was capable of
especially during the martial law
times so the support of military is
significantly dropped by the general
that’s when this divide between the
corporate soldiers and national soldiers
happened corporate soldiers won’t harm
people and property
like national soldiers because they
value it
meanwhile the army itself will destroy
half of the building because of one
sniper but let’s face it
even the corporate soldiers are not
going to safeguard you
or your buildings but only the values
of their ceos but look the army itself
kinda changed they had their own support
and air force now so
they didn’t have to rely on the
aerospace force their general
stayed the same with divisions
battalions companies platoons squads and
fire teams
and with everything which is happening
in the world one would ask so
could the us army just stroll in and
solve the problems in the states because
you know everything
is in chaos well not really so the world
will stay like that since the us
military cannot really go around to
conduct peace anymore at least
on the u.s soil so at least some level
of status quo is maintained in my
if certain things don’t occur too much
in the states the military won’t get
involved but it doesn’t mean
if something happened in the states even
in 2077 if something big happened
you can be sure that the entire us
would get involved so that was the brief
history of the military in the world of
cyberpunk it will be interesting to see
what sort of strength
they have in 2077 and that’s it thank
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