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Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay was revealed & we have a ton of information after the night city wire event. recently on Reddit there was a ton of info regarding CP 2077 gameplay, Where users have leaked the content from the Lore book called The World of cyberpunk.

Now in the book, the first interesting thing we found is the new Wild Life-related Ads from Arasaka environment protection. They have provided us a picture of an elephant in the desert which could refer to there being animals & wildlife in cyberpunk 2077. We also have more information on the adult pleasure toys being sold in the stores in one of the Japan Town screenshots, They’ve also shared a tv show in-game which will have multiple episodes updated every Wednesday.

We also have a full map of cyberpunk 2077 shot probably using the in-game photo mode feature, Along with another map image showing 14 districts of the night city.