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In the latest Cyberpunk 2077 News, a new image from the upcoming Trauma Team comic was revealed.
It was confirmed once again, that Dual Wielding will not be an option in the game, albeit
Mantis Blades technically fit into that category. New screenshots of the Kabuki area of Night
City, and another of a Gold mercenary in the Afterlife Bar were released.
New lore updates on Pacifica were forthcoming. Pacifica was supposed to be Night City’s
money-making vacation resort, a true paradise catering to corporate employees and tourists
alike with it’s golden sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, and unmatched entertainment. Until
it all went to hell. The dream came to a painfully abrupt end after
uncertainty struck the global economy and corporate investors pulled their funding for
the project. Construction work stopped, leaving most buildings unfinished, forever to remain
the hulking concrete and steel shells they were at the time. Instead of teeming with
tourists, the district is now overrun by poverty, violence, and gangs.
It’s here that Voodoo Boys, a techno-mystical group of netrunners, chose to set up their
base of operations. Originating from the Haitian community that settled in Night City after
their homeland was ravaged by climate disaster, they took it upon themselves to protect the
local community, forsaken and left to fend for themselves by the NCPD.
In a recent interview, Senior Level Designer, Miles Tost revealed a myriad of details concerning
the game. In comparison to the Witcher 3, 2077 has far more complexity, this means that
even individual developers are occasionally finding things in the world they did not know
about during their own playthroughs. The aim of this complexity is to promote exploration,
which will be rewarded and there will be many surprises if you are diligent enough. Exploration
will also be far more intimate in Night City than in the Witcher. The recent B-roll of
the three life paths, only provides a glimpse of the atmosphere in Night City. Miles would
place particular emphasis on the quality of audio in enhancing the players experience.
There will be options to swim and dive, however water locations are essentially present to
add to the realism of Night City, rather than provide significant areas for exploration.
Miles would clarify some issues concerning the Techie class. The aim of 2077 was to provide
a fluid class system with a cornucopia of different perks, effectively giving the player
a carte blanche, to create the character they want. Originally, the idea was to allow the
Techie to use the Spiderbot to manipulate objects from a distance, however during QA,
they found it was so similar to the Netrunner abilities, there wasn’t any incentive to
choose one over another. Subsequently many aspects of the Flathead gameplay were reduced,
but its presence from the game was not removed entirely. You will be able to reset your perks
throughout the game, providing additional flexibility.
Concerning freedom of choice, while V can effectively start killing everyone she meets,
there will be severe consequences in dealing with the NCPD. That said, such actions do
not fit in well with V’s ideology, as it’s a story focused game. While V cannot go Cyberpsycho,
there will be Cyberpsycho’s to deal with in Night City, who are effectively boss encounters.
Enemies will have access to the same perks and weapons as V. Similar to Witcher 3, once
you complete the prologue the entire map essentially becomes available for exploration.
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