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Cyberpunk 2077 — Night City Wire: Episode 3

Hello and welcome to Night City Wire episode 3,
the show from us at CD PROJEKT RED,
where we talk about all things Cyberpunk 2077.
And today’s episode we’re gonna start by taking you on tour of Night City
in the new gameplay video,
and have a chat with Senior Level Designer, Miles.
Then we’re gonna introduce you to the gangs of Night City
in another new gameplay video,
and have a chat with Mateusz from our Quest team.
Then, before we finish today’s episode,
we’re gonna give you a look at some of the incredible finalists in our PC case modding contest.
And we have some information that PC players have been waiting to hear.
So, let’s get started.
It’s time to take you on the tour of Night City.
Postcards from Night City
Oh my God! Juanita here! Today’s news is nova max!
Hi there. New to Night City?
It’s not so bad here.
How we feelin’ today? ‘Cause I feel a-maaaa-zing!
The food. The Thai on Seventh in Heywood. The pierogis down by the docks.
Our home. Our pride.
And as always, Your Business is My Business!
… And this is your world news update.
Endless possibilities… and endless lies.
We are fucked, America. And I don’t know how we’re gonna fix it.
The homeless population in Night City has risen by 300 percent.
Crime in Night City is now double the rate than in the New United States.
You wanna be some kinda hero?
That’s a fight this city won’t let you win.
On your own, you’re fucked.
Well, on that note, that’s it for today’s Infoflash. Sleep tight, Night City.
The grass ain’t greener anywhere else.
Night City – what does it mean to you? How well do you know its history?
Who was Richard Night? How many stations are in the NCART system?
Which city district boasts the best burrito in town?
The answers to these questions and more can be found at the address at the bottom of your screen.
Check it out and fall in love with Night City all over again!
Well, since Night City is one of our stars of this episode,
there’s quite a lot to talk about.
So, let’s start with the beginning.
How did Night City come to be?
Because yes, it exists in the world of a tabletop
but how do you take that and make what we’ve got now?
Well, yeah, as you can imagine making a city as big
and as complex as Night City is
is quite the ambitious project.
First off, we sat down and we really considered what is it that we want it to do with Night City.
In a way, Night City is the start of Cyberpunk, right.
It is the one of its main characters.
We wanted to make a city that is very, very believable, right.
I mean, the word “immersion” gets thrown around a lot
but really, we wanted you to be able to dive into it
and feel like this is a real place.
And secondly, we also wanted to provide enough variety between the districts,
so that exploring Night City will always be fun.
There is no point in making the city that is all same-ish and doesn’t really matter where you go
because once you’ve been to one district, you feel like you’ve been through all of them.
So for that, we, first off, started taking a look at the real-life geography that Night City is located on,
and that would be on the coast of California.
Knowing that Night City would be a coastal city,
gave us a bit of insight into what we would expect from the city layout.
You’d expect the port, you’d expect huge industrial areas that would
facilitate this kind of trade that
you would assume city of this type would have with the world.
And then we went through and actually divided the city into several districts, six of them.
And some of them are based on the original lore.
We decided to give them their own characteristics in terms of architecture,
demographics, the people that would live there, and also the function within the city.
Each of these districts, we divided to further subdistricts,
which we further charactarized using the more grand theme of the larger district.
This process, I think, has resolved in the city that feels quite alive,
has a lot of character, where each district feels like its own distinct zone,
without feeling separated from the larger picture.
And that results in something that allows the player to easily navigate
even the complex concrete jungle of Night City,
simply by looking around
and always having the rough idea of where you actually are.
But Night City is clearly so different from anything we’ve ever created with Witcher.
Can you give us some idea about what’s inside or just how big
and how densely packed Night City really is?
Yes! So —
I’m not exaggerating when I would say that
the Night City is easily the most complex thing that I or the others have worked on.
The city is super organic, right.
It’s not like a chess board layout but the layout of the city is crazy
and you can tell that it grew in phases, right.
Where buildings have been built on top of each other
and, I guess, the megabuildings that we have showcased are great example of this.
You’ll actually see that they are located on a some kind of pillar, you know,
and then expand outside
and then up up high in the sky.
Underneath that you will have space for other buildings.
This yields a lot of interesting experiences when it comes to exploration
and that’s the one thing I’m the most excited about for the players to experience.
We’ve been saying that our exploration is super vertical, right.
But what it really means is that it changes the way you explore the city.
Compared to our previous games,
you won’t be able to easily set out on a target in the distance, right.
You won’t be able to say “Oh there is a castle on a hill out there, I will try to get there”
and then you will be lost on the way.
But here it’s much more intimate, much more moment to moment.
You might be roaming the city and get a call by your fixer
who informs you about the job nearby that you might be able to do, right.
Or, you find an alleyway and you walk down
one of the many, many alleyways that the city has to offer
and it’s always a suprise.
You don’t know if you might stumble upon some gangs hanging out
that are up to no good.
Sometimes, in these moments, where I often get surprised with,
you even stumble upon the odd elevator that is meant to connect the parts of the,
you know, different layers of the city.
And it’s quite astonishing sometimes to see where you come out
when you enter to one of these and, you know, find that
“Oh! This is actually how it connects to the world, that’s crazy
and now I’m here, now I know there’s a shortcut that I can take”.
And, again, this all serves to really enhance this sense of wonder
that we all come to love from open world games.
And the whole city is built to cater to that.
Well, you guys have really brought Night City to life
and I really want to make a point of that.
It is a living, breathing city —
so as a Level Designer, could you give us some insight into those little touches
you guys have made.
Because I hear you guys have even been placing rubbish by hand.
Oh yes! We’ve been placing quite a bit of rubbish
and that’s certainly one of the most glorious parts of being the Level Designer
or Environment Artist.
When you get to litter these streets that you’ve spent time building with the garbage.
But it’s details such as this that we find really important to make the city feel alive.
And also, we take great pride in the process of making this, right.
We have a lot of fun actually placing all of what we call “mini stories”, right.
These are little encounters that you can find when you simply walk along the streets.
Of course, we have huge quests, right, side quests,
we have lots of side activities that you can do
but it always is nice just to kinda stop down for a minute
and take a look at your surroundings,
that we have so lovingly created,
and try to see if there maybe isn’t something that you can be a little detective for.
Now, one other thing that I think is really really cool,
is also the fact that we have actually named every single street in the city.
So, not only will NPCs be able to communicate their locations
or the locations they want you to visit
by sort of referring to the street names
but also you will be able to talk to your friends about it in that way, right
“Have you been to Popular street in Japantown?” for example.
And I think this is a small detail
but the philosophy that we have with these kind of things is that, you know,
many many small things contribute to the sum of it.
Which is hopefully then you being able to explore a city that you feel is truly alive
and that you haven’t been experiencing before.
Well, Miles, thank you so much for giving us your insight.
I suppose when the game launches you could be an official Night City tour guide instead, right?
I might be, yeah!
You know, if this game dev thing doesn’t work out for me
I might retire and become a tour guide in Night City.
Don’t forget that if you are tuning in late or if you just want to watch anything again,
we will be uploading everything to our channels soon.
Now, from the Sixth Street to the Valentinos —
it’s time to introduce you to the gangs of Night City.
Gangs of Night City
You know how things work in Night City?
The stronger survive. But that’s how things stand.
You’re either somebody or you fizzle out into nothin’.
NC ain’t a city that lets you get by without buddies.
Be very careful, my friend.
We are all so far from home.
Which gang’s the city’s biggest and baddest according to the NCPD?
Scavs hold the body count title. Or Maelstrom – depending on the season.
One time… a Maelstrom ganger killed a young kid right in front of my eyes, for shits ‘n’ giggles.
Chromesuckin’ psychos…
And who the fuck’re you to say what can and can’t be?
I’m gonna introduce you to our meat grinder.
‘Bout time we had some fun!
Think Maelstrom ever forgets?! Never! Hahaha!
Agh, I hate these ‘borg fuckers.
Just a gang like any other, right?
Take the Valentinos. They follow God and the Santa Madre. Honor means something to ’em.
How’d you meet Jackie?
We started out together.
In the Valentinos?
No, in the fucking Bible Book Club.
I gotta give style points to the Valentinos. They have a punishment for every occasion.
Gangster life, puto.
Quick shout-out to everyone in Heywood and Santo Domingo!
Lately, the Valentinos and 6th Street have had a bigger bone to pick…
6th Street – why’d they wanna wipe you?
Huh, can’t fuckin’ stand ‘Tinos?
You fucking scum!
I’ve dealt with 6th Street before. We do the run, they’ll transfer the cred.
C’mon, let’s go before 6th Street shows up.
Shots! Shots! Shots!
Any more Second Amendment fans in the house? Huh?
Ugh, hate those bastards.
Vomit lofty patriotic bullshit all day.
Time to bring on the future.
Any idea how many attacks from behind the Blackwall we neutralized?
If the Voodoo Boys breach the Blackwall, we’ll all be fucked.
Voodoo Boys? Urban myth, I thought. Just netrunners spookin’ each other… No such gang.
Y’know, I heard a few things about you.
The Voodoo Boys… best ‘runners in town.
You do not steal from the Voodoo Boys. I see you. Always.
For them, Pacifica’s just Haiti 2.0.
Their own island, cut off from the rest of the city.
This is our turf, our home.
Until last week…
The Animals crawled in.
Animals are the craziest fucking gang in this city.
Break her skull!
Animals aren’t the play here, are they?
They’re hired muscle. Someone else needed them.
I fucked you over, you fucked the gang over. Somewhere at the start of the story, somebody fucked the corp.
See how this works, now?
My husbands knew Westbrook. Very high in the Tyger Claws.
They did what made the best eddies. Sold sex and black-market tech.
See a lot of Tygers. They run this place?
Know what else they do well? Break the knees of people who ask questions.
We gotta do something!
Shut the fuck up! The Tygers’ll kill us.
Come on, baby!
Tyger Claws killed one girl too many, so people took matters into their own hands…
Folk went ballistic.
Girls, pimps, outcasts – the whole freakshow.
It’s how the Mox got started.
Think you some kinda gangoon now, huh?
Us Moxes have each other’s backs. We look out for one another.
You lookin’ for some company tonight?
How’d you hook up with the Mox?
I thought Susie and the gang could really change something in this city.
Moxes and nomads don’t seem so different. Both seem to yammer a lot about community, solidarity…
Tell me about the Badlands. Not much going on out here, huh?
Au contraire.
This is an ecosystem.
Nomads, Raffen Shiv, corporations and drifters – they form a complete whole.
Remove one part, the delicate balance topples.
Here in the Aldecaldos, it all stays in the family.
Classic dilemma. What comes first – family or the outside world?
This family will go to hell and back for you.
Everyone in this city lives in their own bubble.
And either you fly high or sink into quicksand.
Mateusz thank you so much for joing us.
I’ve personally been really excited to give people a close look at the gangs.
We’ve shown a little bit on Twitter but their styles are so distinct.
Yes, I enjoyed them a lot as well in our game. I think they are very cool.
But let’s start then with a kind of role that they play in our game.
Because gangs really do play a prominent role in Night City, correct?
Yes, definitely. The gangs, they rule the streets of Night City, you know, they have the newest cyberwear,
they have the newest weaponry and they are really a power that everyone needs to take into account
when they are thinking of operating in Night City.
You will encounter them as you explore the city, of course,
but also as you complete main quests, side quests, different jobs for the fixers.
Sometimes you might even get hired by them.
But then — I suppose everyone is thinking that — can you join a gang?
Well, V is a Merc and Mercs of Night City are this unique, distinctive group
that sticks mostly to themselves, right.
And they get jobs from variety of factions.
They can get jobs from corporations, they can get jobs from gangs,
they can get job from different kind of, like, influential clients.
Because of this, nobody will ever trust a Merc to be one of them, right.
And the gangs are no exception here,
they are only looking only for, like, people that they know will be loyal to them, right,
and that they will fight for the cause all of the time
not just some of the times when it’s profitable for them.
So, because of this V will mostly stick to the Afterlife.
And the Afterlife are these group of Mercs, this legendary group of Mercenaries of Night City.
They get the best jobs, they get the most money, the best clients and so on.
So, if you want to become a legend in Night City, you are going to the Afterlife.
So, we’ve obviously mentioned distinct styles and so does that mean
that there will be a kind of special gang-themed weapons, items and clothing for players to find and use?
Yes, definitely.
There are different vehicles that you can drive for example, there are cars, there are motorbikes,
and then of course there are different pieces of clothing themed after gangs,
there are weapons and so on, so yeah, there are definitely things to look forward to.
I suppose as somebody who has spent as much time as you have kind of getting to know the gangs, I have to ask.
Which is your favourite and why?
So, I’d have to say probably Maelstrom.
Simply because they have this unique, distinct feel,
and this weird aesthetic about them.
So, the idea about Maelstrom is,
they are people who want to cross the boundary between machine and human, right,
they are changing so much of their body with cyberware that they no longer look human, really.
On top of that, they are also very unpredictable,
it’s very difficult to say what they will do at any point when you meet them.
At one point they can be shaking hands with you and then the other moment
they will pull the gun out on you
and they bring this element of chaos into the game, which I really enjoy personally.
Mati, thank you so much for joining us!
It’s always interesting to learn what your favourite gang is,
I think it kind of tells me a little bit about you.
Oh, does it? What does it say about me?
Well, we’ll talk about that later.
But for now, before we wrap up today’s episode,
we asked people to show us their creativity and desing a PC case mod, Cyberpunk style.
A panel of judges selected five finalists and we teamed them up with professional case modders.
to bring their concept to reality.
These 5 amazing designs will be fighting for the main prize —
an Alienware Aurora PC,
along with other awesome gaming peripherals
brought to you by our partners — Alienware, NVIDIA and SteelSeries!
Let’s see the mods!
I absolutely love this one
The whole aesthetic works with each other
Absolutely next level and honestly kind of terrifying
Exactly the type of thing I would expect to find at a trade show
It really looks like it could’ve come straight out of the game
To watch the full PC case modding video
and to get more information about when the winning design will be available on the charity auction,
stay tuned to our social media channels.
Looking at those PC case mods, that reminds me that we do have one more thing to reveal.
If you’re going to play Cyberpunk 2077 on PC when it launches this November,
we do have some specs to share which I think some of you have been waiting for.
The minimum system requirements for Cyberpunk are Windows 7 or 10 PC,
an Intel Core i5-3570K or AMD FX-8310
8 gigs of RAM
an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 or AMD Radeon RX 470
And storage department, the game will take up roughly 70 gigs of space
and although it will run off the HDD, we do recommend an SSD.
As for the recommended specs, you’re in the green if you’re rocking
Windows 10, Intel Core i7-4790 or AMD Ryzen 3 3200G
12 gigs of RAM
an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon R9 Fury
Thank you so much for joining us for episode 3 of the Night City Wire.
Dont’ forget that if you’ve missed anything or if you just want to watch again,
we will be uploading everything to our channels shortly.
And we will be back soon with episode 4!