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Our second Cyberpunk 2077 commercial starring Keanu Reeves!

welcome to night city
the only limit to what you can do is
what you’re willing to become
so dream big if you can hack it
the future’s yours for the take you

The best comments:

  • I think the community wants more traillers with Mr.Reeves
  • It’s a weird thing when you voluntarily start watching ads for games
  • 2010s: can your pc handle crisis
    2020: can your pc handle Keanu reeves
  • Youtube: How much longer are you gonna keep watching cyberpunk Videos
    Me: No limits
  • Keanu: The future is yours for the taking.
    Me: So is my wallet.
  • Without a doubt this is gonna be one the greatest video games of all time along side with The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt and both are from the guys who didn’t have any knowledge on how to make a game just ~15 years ago. WOW! . I’m gonna drown my self in its world so bad.