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0:00 – Intro/Disclaimer
2:30 – Story/Characters/Quests
7:50 – Game Length
10:06 – Presentation
14:33 – Open World/Night City
17:55 – Combat
23:07 – Character Progression
27:39 – Bugs/Technical Issues
34:36 – Performance
36:57 – Conclusion


how long have we waited eight years
2012 was i believe when they first
announced the game
it’s surreal that the game’s finally
here that i’ve played it that have
credits on it and let me tell you the
substance of the game
blew me away and lived up to my hype i
am in love with what i experienced with
this title
and as a huge fan of the cyberpunk genre
and cd projekt red’s work and the
marriage of the two this has
lived up to be sort of a game of my
dreams as
a cyberpunk fanatic on the other hand
quick disclaimer for this december 7th
review embargo period i am not allowed
to show you my own
gameplay footage i can only use footage
provided by cd projekt red and it’s not
particularly super useful
footage it’s b-roll that’s cinematically
shot but isn’t
really fully representative of actual
gameplay i’m allowed to show you my own
gameplay on december 9th which is the
day the game comes out
in certain regions and this really
doesn’t sit well with me
this feels dishonest as it feels like cd
projekt red
is trying to hide some of the buggy
elements of the game
that i would like to show you guys
because i feel like it’s important for
you to know but i’m not allowed to
until the day that the game launches
in certain regions i can’t talk about it
just not show you and just in general
there’s not gonna be a lot of gameplay
in this video because of these
restrictions and look i didn’t expect
this game to be
perfect i knew there were gonna be some
bugs but i do
feel as though the bugs that i found
were constant and persistent and at
times disruptive enough
where it is worth highlighting and
warning people about now cd projekt red
did release a mid review
patch that improved on certain aspects
and they did tell me that this was a
version of the day zero patch that the
public is gonna get
but at the same time even after the
patch some of the issues that i
experienced persisted
i’m not sure how big of a difference the
final version of the patch
will make we’ll find out we’ll see i
suppose and i’ll talk about the
technical issues
later in the video just know that on
december 9th i will be launching a part
2 to this review
showing my own gameplay footage to
spotlight both the things that i really
loved about this game
and the technical issues that i
encountered but with that warning out of
the way let’s talk about the experience
itself which
you know it really did take my breath
away in many regards
let’s start with story this is the
element that i want to talk least about
for obvious reasons what i will say is
that i was truly blown away by the
storytelling and writing in this game
one of the key elements of the cyberpunk
tabletop rpg that the game’s based off
of is the idea that
you’re not out there as a cyberpunk or
to save the world you’re out there to
save yourself to save your soul or maybe
the soul of others
this is something that cd projekt red
clearly took to heart because
cyberpunk 2077 captures that
very well with its core narrative don’t
get me wrong there are plenty of epic
and set pieces with really awesome heist
chase and action sequences
but at its core this feels like a very
deeply personal story that asks
questions about what it means to be
alive what it means to be human what it
means to be free
in a dark future where technology allows
the top one percent to play god among
other conundrums you know in the
marketing materials we have seen a lot
of the loud moments of cyberpunk but
they’ve actually shown very little of
the quieter contemplative more personal
moments and those moments are here
aplenty which i was really pleased about
one of the things i appreciate most
about this game from a narrative
standpoint is that they know how to take
their time
with key moments and scenes there are
long stretches of time where you won’t
fire a single bullet you’re just talking
to people making choices picking
dialogue and
it’s all incredibly well executed and
even within
dialogue there are plenty of moments
where characters will just kind of
contemplate and sit silently before
saying their next thing and
cd projekt red just really knows how to
add dramatic effect
and the conversations as a result feel
more natural
more human more real the game can often
feel like this
first person interactive movie one with
incredible attention to detail the
narrative in this game just in general
was thought provoking asking a lot of
interesting philosophical questions
associated with the cyberpunk genre with
i thought great nuance with decision
making that
tends to lie in some kind of gray area
no choice has a correct answer it’s more
actions and consequences and what your
view of the world is and
what you want out of it as v the
protagonist of this game
and depending on the choices you make
the relationships you build
through side quests you do get to unlock
multiple endings
and there are some that are more hopeful
there are others that are darker
and more questionable but it’s all
really fantastic really complex really
well weave together and beyond the main
quest cd projekt red is known for
their ability to create truly compelling
side quests and
smaller scale stories and 2077 is no
different in that regard i mean some of
the side activities you partake in
will be simple mercenary work you know
steal something kill
someone find some info but there are
some side quests that really deliver
some really effective personal stories
with lengthy
narrative threads and then there are
also side quests that are really goofy
really funny making some references that
many of you will recognize or
showing cameos that i won’t spoil that
just had me in stitches
and i did find a decent variety of
activities too
with story driven main and side quests
never feeling generic
everything just feels really handcrafted
while there is some repetition in the
gameplay loop
as with any game it’s a matter of how
does a game find a way to keep it fresh
cyberpunk does so through you know
compelling new
narrative threads compelling stories and
also through the player progression that
kind of makes you feel more powerful and
develops the
style of play over time i also really
love the dynamic between
the main character v and his companion
johnny silverhand
played by keanu reeves i’m gonna tell
you right now johnny silverhand
he is i would say the other side to v’s
coin in this game he’s not
i wouldn’t even say a supporting
character i’d go as far as calling him
a second protagonist the two are forced
together by shall we say
unfortunate circumstances but there is a
bond there that develops over time
over the course of the campaign and it’s
really compelling and i
really grew fond of johnny silverhand
who comes off as this hardened kind of
jerk and tick wad to be honest but you
those walls those barriers start
breaking down and you get to know him
more you get to understand why he’s the
way he is
and it’s simply phenomenal also if
you’re a fan of the cyberpunk lore
from the tabletop rpg the amount of fan
service here the good kind
is really unbelievable just so many
familiar faces plenty of callbacks to
the 2020s era and even before that
exploration of past events that
contextualize current events and
inversely 2077 story makes you look at
past events in the cyberpunk lore
under a different light i really don’t
want to say much more than that
the blinder you go into this game the
you’ll be off i think a lot of people
will be very pleased even if you’re not
familiar with the cyberpunk lore
this tells a very effective cyberpunk
story that deals with a lot of personal
issues and uh
yeah i just i i loved the main campaign
many of you will surely wonder how long
this game is
it took me about 35 hours to beat my
first playthrough though keep in mind
that i
did focus a lot on the main quest to get
this review done
on time after you beat the game you can
go back and do
side quests so you know that’s what i
decided to do though i did
do a decent amount of side quests along
the way as well
i’d say about 25 hours of my playthrough
was dedicated to main quest and then
10 hours was for side quests but by the
time i was done with the campaign
and went back to the open world i had
plenty of side quests that
i have still left to do i still have to
go back to the game and finish more side
i don’t know exactly how long the game
would be if you complete
everything i think it’ll generally take
to complete all of cyberpunk’s
activities compared to witcher 3. i uh
spoke to another reviewer skillup who
cleared more side quests than i did and
he suspected
completing all of the games main quests
and major side quests it would take
roughly 55 to 60 hours given that he has
completed most of the major side quests
in his quest log
though i do want to personally spend
more time doing side quests before i say
for sure
i do hope that in part two of my review
on december 9th i’ll be able to provide
maybe a more accurate assessment of my
own but
the campaign is shorter than witcher 3’s
see project red has been open about that
in the past
but it’s a really tight campaign with
really great narrative beats and i was
satisfied with that experience and i
can’t wait to dive back and
just do more stuff there’s still plenty
of narrative threads that i
have not touched and plenty of quests
that i kind of stopped halfway
and these side quests feel very
handcrafted they feel as cinematic as
the main quest
it feels like a lot of love and care was
put into the side quest
as much as the main quest all the side
quests the major side quests have felt
substantial to me there’s also another
factor to consider the game
does feel very replayable i am already
kind of interested in starting a new
game making different decisions with a
different life path and seeing how that
how certain quests play out or what new
dialogue options open up and how that
affects uh certain quests and which
endings additional endings i can unlock
the narrative is bolstered by the
incredible presentation
of this title i know there are people
out there who would have preferred to
see you know some kind of third person
perspective for this game but
after playing through this game in its
entirety the campaign at least
i didn’t find myself missing a third
person perspective at all in fact i
would say
cyberpunk 2077 makes some of the most
effective use
of a first person perspective that i’ve
ever seen in a video game from a
presentation standpoint there are no
real cutscenes in this game because
everything plays out seamlessly
right in front of your eyes a lot of
cinematic moments happen right in front
of your eyes
without any camera transition and cuts
it’s all kind of
one shot almost and the amount of
work that is done is so extensive with
so many nuanced details like
just seeing how characters do basic
actions like sitting down on a chair
instead of just a stock sit-down
animation they’ll kind of
maybe relax like that and kind of brush
their eyebrow a little bit maybe
put their hand on their face like that
and then move their hands as they talk
there there’s just so much
little nuanced details that bring these
characters to life make them seem so
lifelike and a lot of the things that
they do between the lines the little
animations that play
little ticks that characters have that
feel different from
other npcs all that stuff culminates in
some of the most
immersive first-person perspective
conversations and
intense moments and scenes and sequences
that i’ve experienced in any
video game and it makes for just a
really cinematic first person experience
and i genuinely believe that many scenes
in this game would just straight up
not be as effective or immersive in a
third person
camera view with you know camera cuts
and all that you can look at your
character in third person if you change
camera perspectives when riding a
vehicle like a car or a motorcycle
you can find mirrors around the world or
in your apartment that you can look at
to see your character
in third person perspective and there
are very specific
cutscenes that will play in
third person that’s all i’ll say about
that but for the most part
you’re looking at a game that takes
place pretty much almost entirely in
first person
and does a really good job with that
perspective and
really takes full advantage as much
advantage as possible
of that perspective not to mention that
the graphics in this game are really
the character models look really good
particularly under
the right lighting conditions the music
in this game is seriously some of the
best in the cyberpunk
genre used to great effect to establish
just the right mood beyond the efforts
that cd projekt went to to establish
unique tracks for the game’s radio the
background music the original soundtrack
that kicks in during combat during key
story beats during tense moments during
quiet moments during somber moments
it’s all so incredibly well done it’s so
very effective
and this is all elevated by the
performances which are spectacular
across the board
and i know we’ve heard a lot of the sort
of edgy attitude dialogue stuff in the
trailers but there are
a lot of softer more nuanced quieter
moments that are beautifully performed
so honestly kudos to
all the actors across the board and
going back to graphics i did play this
game on
ultra settings with ray tracing turned
because i found performance to be far
less consistent with that on
and the game honestly looks about as
good as what was shown in the marketing
material and the gameplay presentations
it’s really not far off at all from the
gameplay that cd projekt red has put out
and it pushes the boundaries of
open world graphical fidelity which i’ll
get to in a bit
and the game also does not hold back on
the mature content which i’m happy about
i feel like you really need that
in the cyberpunk genre the game is not
afraid to delve into darker themes
visually there’s just a lot of violence
a lot of bare flesh to be found shall we
say but done in a way that i feel
services the game’s themes
narratives the cyberpunk world this
and the kind of dark feature that this
is i mean the character creator alone
allows you to pick out options for
breasts and genitals and
it’s not censored at all it’s all there
in full display
as you’re customizing those elements
but let’s talk about the open world um
my god this open world it is smaller
than witcher 3’s from a surface area
from a volumetric standpoint but it is
significantly denser and more vertical
and if you ask me this is i think the
most detailed most
gorgeous most handcrafted feeling open
i’ve ever seen in a video game the
aesthetic of it alone is intoxicating
but the scale of everything is what’s
impressive it really does feel like
you’re inhabiting this cyberpunk
it’s buzzing it feels lived in there’s
so many details on every corner and you
look up and you see
skyscrapers rising above you
overwhelming you
and all of these different sensory
elements from the soundscapes to the
neon lights to
just all the different elements that
makes up a cyberpunk world it’s all
here and interiors are equally detailed
going to
clubs going to rickety kind of shady
apartment buildings or
high class fancy places within corporate
buildings all of that
is so meticulously crafted you can
just really feel the the amount of
research that went into it the amount of
painstaking attention to detail that was
applied and when you’re
outside of the city looking at it from
far away it really looks gorgeous
especially at night time
where it really gives off that blade
runner vibe and then you zoom in to
night city and you look at the
unique attire that people wear on the
streets the vehicle designs the unique
semi-futuristic weapons the different
gangs and the different cultures that
are evoked through them
it’s all incredibly meticulous and
passion-filled work not once that i feel
that any one section of the world was
generically thrown together every corner
feels handcrafted with love and care on
a level that
is just rare to see in a video game
whether it’s day or night whether you’re
walking on foot
zooming past with vehicles you’ve
purchased or stolen
or whether you’re in the air during some
of the scripted
aerial vehicle sequences it all just
looks so freaking incredible
and navigating the world feels really
good you know running around
vaulting over obstacles and driving
vehicles all of that works perfectly
the one issue that i had was that with
keyboard and mouse controls i could not
find the option to toggle walking i was
running with a controller you can just
kind of tilt the analog stick and
define your speed of movement with
keyboard and mouse though there’s
usually a button to toggle that
and i could not find that toggle for
the keyboard and mouse control so i was
always running around and sometimes you
when i was following a character during
a quest i’d have to move and stop
because they were walking but i was like
running and stopping and
that was kind of strange so i wish they
would have added that but that aside
navigating through night city
felt like an absolute pleasure looking
at the map of this game it can be
overwhelming just how much there is to
at any given time you kind of get
flooded with a lot of side activities
from the outset after
completing the intro portion of the game
people are going to be constantly
calling you
to hire you for new jobs and as your
reputation improves as your street cred
increases you get more and more calls
from different people who have
been hearing about your endeavors and
before you know it your quest log is
start to look quite full this being
cyberpunk it is of course a dangerous
world and
the rule of the land is survival of the
fittest and that’s where the game’s
combat mechanics come in i was actually
really surprised to find that the
shooting mechanics in this game
feel really fantastic cyberpunk has
always been advertised as an rpg first
so i thought shooting would
feel fine would feel adequate but it
ended up feeling much better than i
expected all the guns really pack a
due to a combination of great sound
design combined with punchy visuals the
variety of weapons and some of the
insane designs like i don’t know a
shotgun with eight barrels with
bullets that track and stuff like that i
mean that all contributes to
weapons that are really interesting to
obtain and explore this being an rpg i
was also worried that enemies would be
really bullet spongy but
after leveling up a few times that was
not the case at all once you start
leveling up and concentrating on the
things that you want to focus on for
your play style i was able to off
enemies relatively quickly especially
as someone who played stealthily and you
know dealt headshots with a silent
that was really satisfying and there are
bonuses that come with
stealth attacks so all of that
contributed to me being able to
essentially kill
everyone with one shot to the head as
long as i stayed hidden now much like
witcher 3 if you see an enemy who has a
skull sign over their head
that means they’re much higher level
than you and those guys are more bullet
spongy and then there are boss battles
in the game who have health bars
and you have to shoot them quite a bit
before you kill them but for
the most part you’re fighting regular
goons and the game’s really well
in terms of how many shots it takes to
take them down and another major aspect
to combat
is hacking which is kind of equivalent
magic and fantasy rpgs you have a
certain amount of ram that generates
over time and ram is the resource
used to execute these hacks and you can
upgrade your ram through cybernetic
implants through skill upgrades you name
it you’ll also be upgrading how fast
that ram recovers how many programs or
spells if you will
you can equip at any given time my
character wasn’t leaning
too heavily on hacking but i did use
hacking frequently enough
especially one program that i favored
which offered the ability for me to
essentially blind enemy cybernetic
which worked wonders for my stealth
build and then another useful hacking
ability was called ping which
essentially tagged all enemies
connected to a particular network which
allowed me to gauge their position
and their uh their patrol patterns but
there are other types of hacks as well
like short circuit and synapse burnout
deal damage to machines and humans
respectively there’s
one program that allowed me to wipe an
enemy’s memory so
that they would drop their aggro you can
jam their weapons disable their
cyberware among
other things and you can also quick hack
objects to distract enemies take over
cameras to get a better view
unlock certain doors you know interact
with certain elements that can damage
nearby enemies you name it now there are
some gripes that i do have with the
game’s combat system a major one being
the way they mapped dodging we kind of
do a side step or a dash
by double tapping a direction when
playing with keyboard and mouse and
especially when playing stealthily i
often make these minor adjustments while
i’m you know crouching and sneaking
where i you know tap tap tap like that
so the character kind of inches his way
towards a destination
and sometimes when i did that the game
would register those taps as
me wanting to dodge and so there were a
number of times where i revealed my
where i revealed myself to enemies by
accident because my character dodged
instead of moving slowly as i intended
so i wish there was a way to change that
i haven’t found a way to change i
wish you could remap that differently
another grind that i had was that
you cannot do certain simple things like
removing a gun silencer without going to
the game’s cluttered
inventory menu removing the silencer
takes multiple steps and the same thing
goes for
using certain consumable items items in
this game cannot be mapped to the
numbers button which i find to be
one two and three are reserved for your
primary secondary and tertiary weapons
but you cannot use four five six seven
eight nine and zero
and map those to other elements and
inventory management in general while
could feel like it could have been
implemented in a more organized more
intuitive and more accessible way
i eventually kind of got used to it but
sometimes it can feel like doing simple
actions can take more steps than they
should i also wasn’t the biggest fan of
the game’s melee combat as the melee
impacts don’t feel
super impactful it all feels kind of
loose like you’re swinging
air i did find rushing enemies with my
katana and slaying them
in kind of samurai ninja fashion to be
pretty fun but
when you engage in one-on-one melee
combat that’s when
melee is serviceable like it works but
it doesn’t feel particularly
good and it isn’t a playstyle that i
deeply favor as a result just merely
felt nowhere near as good as gunplay in
my opinion which is a shame because
melee is a big component of combat and
progression you could do
a full-on melee build if you wanted to
but melee doesn’t quite live up to how
shooting feels speaking of progression
though i really love what they did
with the progression system of this game
because they’re just so many
layers and there’s always so much
character progression
happening you’re always getting stronger
the first layer is of course gear
of which you’ll find a plenty as you
engage enemies in combat as you complete
there’s just so much loot in this game
every enemy you drop
basically dropped something whatever
weapon they were holding
and other things like consumables things
that heal you and
whatnot euro dollars money you name it
and each room you clear
as well also just has a lot of stuff to
loot on shelves on boxes and everything
sometimes it can be too much to loot
though you eventually get to a point
where you have
such high level gear that you can ignore
a lot of the loot but all of that loot
can be useful because you can
disassemble the junk that you pick up or
the weapons that you don’t use and you
convert those into crafting materials
that will allow you to craft new items
by obtaining blueprints for those items
or upgrade your old gear so that you can
make those
the ones that you prefer from you know
when you were lower level
viable for high level stuff yeah the
game can feel like a looter shooter in
many regards because of how much
loot there is in this game you will find
different weapons and armor of
varying rarities and the higher the
rarity the more mod slots and
additional features to those particular
weapons and
armor and you know you’ll find weapons
that are of the same brand but maybe
different rarities and the like but this
is of course excluding the shitty life
service monetization elements that would
ruin it or get in the way so it’s a lot
of fun now a layer on top of gear
is the fact that some of the weapons and
clothes that you obtain will have
mod slots that will allow you to insert
cybernetic chips that grant additional
passive upgrades
and adds an additional layer of
customizability and then for guns in
particular you can on top of that
add attachments like scopes and
silencers though not much more than that
all i’ve seen are pretty much scopes and
silencers so that’s gears and gear mods
and gear attachments then you got the
second layer which is leveling up which
contributes your attributes your skills
and your perks there are five attributes
in this game each of which house a
number of skills
each of which house a ton of perks so
many perks
and leveling up will grant you an
attribute point and a perk point to
and on top of all that skills themselves
level up
individually as you partake in
activities associated with
that skill kind of like skyrim when you
use one-handed a lot you’re one-handed
levels up
in cyberpunk if you use a lot of pistols
your handguns level up if you use a lot
of blades your blades will level up if
you do a lot of stealth kills your
stealth will gain xp
and level up you get the idea and
leveling up skills comes with its own
benefits you gain bonuses
as your skill level goes up whether it’s
extra perk points or just extra damage
extra bonuses
and all of this contributes to the fact
that certain actions
will involve skill checks so for example
there are certain dialogue options that
will only open up
if your attributes are up a certain
level and then beyond dialogue
you’ve got things like how if you want
to lock pixer indoors you need a certain
amount of technical ability attribute
and also to disable minds technical
ability comes into play
if you have a high level in the body
attribute you can rip certain doors open
or you can steal certain cars so on and
so forth there are plenty of skill
checks to go around so we’ve got gear
we’ve got leveling up the third layer
is cyberware which can be obtained via
ripper docks these black market surgeons
and those grant additional bonuses and
new abilities
that you can essentially slot in and out
based on your play style and preferences
and cyberware comes with their own mod
slots for even more passive upgrades and
customizability so there’s just so much
going on here and compared to witcher 3
cyberpunk feels much more customizable
when it comes to play style you can go
full you know balls to the walls
uh rambo mode you can go stealthy you
can go hacking
and i’m curious to try more play styles
as i do additional playthroughs i had
the great satisfaction of developing a
stealthy build for my first playthrough
i focus on silenced pistols for
the stealth element and it was just
satisfying to build my character that
way and see that progression
through a combination of attributes
skills perks and cyberware dedicated to
that build i was
popping off headshots and doing a
ridiculous amount of crit damage
and it was just fantastic so the
progression system of this game the
leveling system the gear the rewards
all of that i think cd projekt red
absolutely nailed on the head
so you’ve got all the right ingredients
to make this one of the most
memorable one of the most incredible jaw
just unforgettable open-world rpg
and for a nerd of the cyberpunk genre
again this is a dream come true in many
but then come the bugs which brings
down the game a couple notches if the
bugs weren’t there
this would just be a masterful game it
is unfortunately unpolished
in the state that i play the game in and
again we’ll see what happens with a full
day zero patch instead of the partial
one that reviewers were given
so the most annoying and consistent
issue that i’ve encountered was
weapons that floated in the air after i
killed enemies or after i
dropped a weapon while all that stuff
didn’t break the game
it was very much immersion breaking with
it happening
constantly after a major firefight for
after i cleared a room full of enemies
the room would be littered with floating
weapons and even when i would loot those
the weapon models would stay suspended
in the air so they were kind of there
now what’s interesting is that after the
mid review patch came out
i noticed that it made no difference for
my corposave file which was made before
that patch
but then i started a new game as a
street kid and a couple hours in
i found no weapon floating issue so it
seems as though the fact that i made a
new save after the patch released
fixed the issue for that playthrough for
that save file so it is entirely
possible that
if you start a new game after you’ve
the day zero patch you won’t encounter
this issue at all beyond that i
encountered a number of first-person
animation glitches where
you know drawing weapons would glitch
from time to time like the gun
and hand animations would not align
properly the hand would come up and then
the weapon would come up like that from
like shoulder and then position itself
on the hand and then there would be
times when i’m hacking and jacking in
with the cable on my wrist
where the hand and the cable would be
misaligned and so the visuals didn’t
quite match up
um and then jacking out sometimes you
know i would jack out and the weapon
would like
float out of the blue onto my hands and
just a lot of visual elements that were
i encountered plenty of issues with npcs
a good amount of occasions where i found
npcs t-posing
spazzing out walking back and forth
floating in the air
popping in and out sometimes their
animations would bug out while walking
that hover in the air in weird positions
instead of you know that their usual
walking animation
during quests sometimes npcs would
teleport to their
next position rather than walk to it as
they would
normally ai sometimes would bug out
where enemies will
stay in cover and do nothing that
happened from time to time as well
a number of times i encountered an issue
where if an npc is interacting with an
object sometimes
a duplicate of that object will suspend
itself in the air there are plenty of
cases where i found duplicate
npcs in an interior environment
especially i find them a lot there
and it was very prominent and noticeable
they were standing like right next to
each other not even like a part
at different ends of a room they were
like next to each other
exact same copies of the same npc model
with the same hair color same clothes
these character model also had some
issues here and there among them being
that if i went to my apartment and
looked at myself in the mirror
if i was wearing a hat both the hat and
my hair would disappear
and so i was staring at a bald version
of myself instead of how i actually
equipped my character
and then for the street kid new game
that i started i
started as a female v and sometimes her
upper body clothes will disappear and
she’ll just be fully naked when looking
at a mirror or that sequence where
uh victor vector pops the eyeball out to
implant a new cyber eye and you kind of
get to see her character in third person
for a brief moment there in that scene
while my
female v was on the operating table for
some reason her upper
body was just fully naked audio glitches
are also pretty abundant sometimes
dialogue would straight up just not play
so there would be stretches of silence
the next dialogue plays and i’d miss out
on key important details for a certain
sometimes lips would not move as an npc
is talking certain lines of dialogue
where lips just remain sealed
another audio issue was me getting phone
calls in the middle of
important dialogue that would lead to
multiple dialogues happening at once
you’d hear v both talking on the phone
and talking to the person next to him
other times i would walk away from an
npc mid conversation and they would
conversing with me and v would continue
conversing with them
despite having moved very far away from
and then certain sound effects would
straight up be missing so sometimes
footsteps would be entirely muted for an
extended period of time there will be
other times when the sound of glass
breaking or shattering wouldn’t play
when i would break a window by shooting
at it or by
engaging with it via melee visual
elements would not appear from time to
time so there’s this one mission where i
was in this ai
controlled cab and there is a screen
where the face of the ai would show up
but there will be times when
the face would be absent completely on a
larger scale one time i was walking in
pacifica and there’s this giant ferris
that would occasionally disappear if i
approached it
from a certain angle a few times
would just sort of stay on the screen
that had already been spoken and would
not go away the inventory menu bugged
out here and there there’d be times when
i want to compare stats of weapons
and instead of comparing to the weapon
that i’m currently wielding sometimes it
would compare to
a weapon that i was wielding previously
instead there’d be times when clicking
on elements of the inventory menu would
not work so if i wanted to attach a
and wanted to see what silencers i had
sometimes clicking on the silencer tab
would not work i would have to like
click on something else and then click
on the silencers tab for that to show up
stuff like that and then i encountered
issues where looking at my stash where i
store my weapons and
gear sometimes weapon stats would all
show up as you know zero dps
zero damage even though that wasn’t
representative of the weapon’s actual
more severely on multiple occasions
elements of a quest did not trigger so
that hampered my progression and forced
me to
reload to a previous checkpoint and then
equally severe was the numerous times
where the game just full-on crashed for
though the game’s generous autosave
system meant that i never lost too much
progress but
it was still annoying when that happened
game from a technical standpoint it
feels like death by a thousand
cuts it was disruptive enough where i
would recommend people to
wait until cd projekt red releases a
that people can confirm works a lot
better makes the game a whole lot more
polished until then i might recommend
that you hold off so you have the best
experience possible because without the
bugs and glitches
this is a mind-blowing experience i also
did encounter performance issues before
the mid review patch
performance was just really bizarre i
have a 3080 on my pc with a
an i7 8700k which is
a three-year-old cpu but it was top of
the line three years ago and it’s still
pretty good and runs pretty much
every other game that i’ve thrown at it
uh but before the mid review patch
even with that 3080 and a pretty good
cpu even on low 1080p
settings the game would be able to dip
below 60 fps but after the mid review
things ran much more stably more often
than not i was running at over 60 frames
per second
at 1440p resolution and i could even
turn on ray tracing but
there were also enough instabilities
with ray tracing where i
ultimately decided to play without it
with ray tracing on certain areas in the
would have the frame rate dip into the
50s and 40s so
i turn it off and the game still looks
gorgeous without ray tracing
however even with the mid review patch
there are still
areas in the game that are very dense
and so my frame rate can occasionally
into the 50s and i don’t know if that’s
just my cpu
being an older architecture or if it’s
just optimization issues and they’ll be
able to sort things out so that even
with my current setup
it’ll run at above 60 frames per second
without dipping below 60fps
it is also worth noting that review
copies did
implement de nuvo drm just for the
review units
and i understand why if a drm-free
version of the game were to get out you
know that’d be
pretty bad so i’m wondering if
the de nuvo drm is affecting my
performance given that
the software has been known to do that
so there’s some stuff that i’m waiting
until the game officially launches and
until de nuvo is unlocked and until the
day zero patch is released before i
fully gauge the performance now one
abnormality one bug is that sometimes
when i would load a file the game would
lock itself to low frames per second
so i would load a file and the frame
rates would be in the 20s for some
and it would just stay there until i
would restart the game i don’t know why
that happened it only happened to me
like twice or three times but you know
annoying and bizarre and strange and
hopefully something that’s
ironed out with the full day zero patch
but yeah as far as technical issues go
that’s everything that i
found everything that i jotted down in
my notes and these bugs happen
consistently enough disruptively enough
i would say it definitely affects the
experience but even with all that i
cannot help but feel as though this was
one of the most memorable gaming
experiences i’ve ever had
i was just constantly blown away when
everything was
running well at the detail at the story
at what was going on on screen at
at the world just every facet of the
game i’ve never
played a game quite like this this is
the cyberpunk
game there have been other games in the
cyberpunk genre
and i think that once they get the bug
sorted out cyberpunk 2077 is gonna
is gonna surpass all of them by a mile
it’s just it is that good
when things are running well so that
ladies and gentlemen is part one of my
review i hope to be able to show you
more of my gameplay in part two and
what i mean with some of these issues
but also really spotlight
the incredible achievement that is this
game at the end of it all
so look forward to that in the meantime
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